Placido and Dorita arrived on the island over thirty years ago and fell for its way of life, leaving Barcelona's bustle behind. Its mild winters together with its beautiful Springtime landscapes, its summer activity and its possibilities were ideal circumstances for making the young couple's decision to settle down permanently and bring up a family.

After many years of hard work on the land and its animals, they decided to carry out a partial refurbishment of the farmhouse with great effort and care. It was a 10th of October 1998 when the first guests  were accomodated and 2003 saw the final refurbishment of the complete building.

Finally, a new cattle shed, detatched to the house, has been opened this year. It is all combined with the caring for the animals and lands by their son Juan, including planting fruit orchards and vegetables surrounding the house, which are managed by Plácido with great treasure.